The End

Wellllll the results came in late on Friday night. I didn’t make the team…. at all. I knew that I messed up badly on one of the cheers. I felt really confident in the other ones though. I did crowd encouragements and I feel like that saved me a bit. I was loud but not […]

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  So tryouts are this week. I wasn’t really nervous the first two days but it started kicking in on the third day. I kind of realized that this could be my last year. I decided that I was going to do varsity or nothing. It’s already embarrassing enough that I stayed on Junior Varsity […]

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Pcm vs. SBE cheer

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my old cheer team since a new one is rising and tryouts are next week. I’m currently crossing my fingers, hoping that I can make it on varsity but anyways… I used to be on a competitive cheer team called Santa Barbara Elite. I was on this […]

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The fair

This weekend I went to the fair with friends and family.  The week mainly consisted of practice and going to the gym. On practice days I normally conditions with the team because we don’t have to actually practice for anything since the seasons over. We now practice from 3-4 instead 3-5:30. Tryouts are from the […]

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Last Game

My week mainly consisted of going to the gym and cheer practice. This upcoming Thursday we are playing against Paso Robles. We have lost every game to them go we’ve been working extra hard to beat them. Hopefully we do but I honestly don’t think that we stand a chance because the last time we […]

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The Big Game

Today’s the big game. We get to play against our rivals, San Marcos. We wore our jerseys to school along with jeans. Our team has practice at 4. We are going to be setting up the event (which starts at six) and obviously… practicing. The is only a scrimmage so its not going to count […]

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This week was filled with cheer, it was just practice after practice. Which is good because we need it after the two losses that we just had. On Monday we have to play our rivals, San Marcos. The only have two out of the six routines needed ad we have five, almost six. I don’t […]

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