Game of the season

Cheerleading: a sport involving the performance of organized cheering, chanting, and dancing in support of a sports team at games.

Many complications and disagreements happen with-in every sport but here’s my take.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to cheer at since I only have to sit. Sometimes games can be very frustrating because some of the girls either don’t remember the cheers or forget to hold their motions at the end. It was never like this last year. I excepted that it will never be like the previous year. To catch you up on things, my old coach quit and went to the rival school, San Marcos. I know that they are our school rivals but I sometimes wished that I went.


This Friday was one of the biggest games of the year (for basketball) because it was against San Marcos. Not many people were at the beginning of Junior varsity but more people started showing up towards the end of the game for varsity. Once the JV game ended I changed into my normal clothes that were San Maros’s school color (dark blue and red) but not on purpose. I then sat with my of my cousins for half of the game but then left to go in the stands with my friends (shown above).


The rivals ended up losing the game to us but the funny part was that they had signs that Said “L” like the meme. “Take an L”. This is basically calling someone out in a negative way. Anyways, some students that attended our school took some of those signs from their school and were waving it up as if it were our idea. The majority of my good friends are cheerleaders that are on both of the varsity teams so I met up with them after the game. Usually I don’t watch the games but this one was actually entertaining. Do any of you guys actually pay attention to the game instead of talking to friends and stuffing your face with junk food, tell me in the comments below!


I didn’t have a ride home so I asked my friend that is a cheerleader at San Marcos that happen to live near me if they could give me a ride home and they were able to so she took me home along with her mom and two other cheerleaders that attend her school. Once I got home I greeted my family, changed into comfy pj’s, checked the gram and fell asleep.


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