Broken Fingers

  Hey guys, Wednesday January 8th was my first stunt practice. What stunt team basically is that were compete at competitions against other high school cheer teams which consists of 3 teams except we have 4. Tumbling, partner stunts, and pyramids. Tumbling has girls do flips such as back handsprings and jumps (for example: toe touches/ hurdler). Partner stunts is where the extra team comes into place. There are two pairs of stunt groups, one pair are the level group 1-3 and the other 4-6 which is more advance. The pyramid  groups normally consists of 5 stunt groups all together and they connect in someway.fullsizerender-8

The Day started out good, I went to my 1st, 3rd, and 5th class since it was blocked day (our periods are longer than usual) so I got out of school at five, changed into practice clothes then went to tryouts. I many girls that either quit or didn’t make it on the team from last year but I was glad to see them again. Even though it, was a few girls, it reminded me how close we were as a community and I’m hoping that it will be like that this year.

fullsizerender-9After I was done saying hi and welcoming people back, I helped unrolled the mats with one of my best friends Aisha who is also a sophomore that is also on the cheer team. As we were carrying the mat out the door, Aisha accidentally smashed her fingers super hard in between the mat and the door (the fingers shown above were the ones that were hurt). The funny thing is that she already broke her pinkie so lucky that wasn’t harmed in any way, shape or form.

That day was hella stressful but that’s normal for me. Aisha and I haven’t based together since last football season because something always happens. Don’t get me wrong, we are pretty good since we are the same height and same level but we just had bad luck. Last time we accidentally broke/sprained Makayla’s Wrist. I’ve broken two bones but they were never cheer related. Have you guys ever broken a bone? Comment below your story’s if you have! This time we dropped this one girl in a cradle from last year and she hasn’t flown in the longest time. I’ve never dropped anyone in a cradle before. Anyways, the girl is okay and doin’ well.


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