The Chop

img_1599This week I decided to make the big chop and cut my hair. I cut around 4-5 inches. I like to be adventurous at times but I suck with my comfort zone this time. Would you ever dye your hair a crazy color? Leave a comment down below what color you would choose! I’ve died my hair purple, green… purple again, then blonde.  I love my hair, even on its bad days.

  Normally I follow in the trends no matter how ridiculous it is, such as the feather trend…


Competition hair wasn’t always the best for me. My hair would always be too thick and heavy which weighed it down, thus creating a sad poof. Then when I cut it in the middle of the season, it was too short to wear in a pony tail so I would have my hair half up and half down. That definitely didn’t fit me one bit. I cut my hair hella short when it was purple so I could get rid of all of the dead ends and that was one of the worst mistakes that I have ever made regarding my hair. I ended up looking like a little boy. I honestly not joking, my friend would always got me and another boy confused after I cut it. That was when I decided to grow my hair out… but I needed a to change my look a bit so I decided to dye may hair lighter which wasn’t the best decision. It was even shorter and my hair was very damaged. I ended up putting on a coconut oil hair mask that consisted of… you guessed it— coconut oil. I’ve tried multiple different masks and remedies and this is what works for me and my hair type the best. Also during the time that I was taking hair supplements that would helped my hair grow. I was skeptical at first but I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to see the results. This length still wasn’t long enough for my taste so I wait a full year and a half until I cut my hair. I know, I know, that’s a long time but I don’t regret not cutting it one bit. Right now I still have blonde tips and I am probably going to grow it out and not dye it for a while. I’m also not a fan with how they cut it because the layering is not correct but its already been done so I’m just going to have to deal with it


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