Photoshoot w/ Friends

Winter formal Weekend.


Saturday, February 25, 2017 was the big night. I didn’t really want to go but my friends wanted me to go so they can. I ended up going with my friends  Aisha and Brianna. They both arrived at my house around 12 and got ready. It took us around 2 1/2 hours but we were pleased with our appearances. At around 5 we hung out with friends and at 8 we went to the dance. My friends and I waited in line for almost around 30-45 minutes because we went in the line where you either have a guest or didn’t have an ID card. Brianna was my guest because she was from San Marcos but Aisha stayed with us because she didn’t want to go in the other line for students that attend here. Once I got into the dance with my friends, we met up with other friends and started dancing for a bit. Somehow I lost my friends and I wasn’t really into the dance anymore so I sat down for an hour and then left them… I’m being a bit dramatic but they didn’t need nor wanted a ride home so I just left.


The next day Brianna snapchatted me asking if I could take pictures for her. I decided to agree with it because I had nothing to do that day and I love taking pictures even though I don’t really know what I’m doing at all. So Brianna came over around 4:45 at my house on Sunday.  She asked me if I could do her makeup and I did because 1) I don’t think I’m that bad and 2) I enjoy it. So I rushed her makeup so We could take pictures and we were out of the house around 5. We decided that we wanted to take pictures near the bike path so we got our bikes, went on the path, the stopped when we found a good place to take pictures.


After multiple pictures in the same area, we went home because it was getting dark and Aisha had to pick up her stuff from the day before. On the way back we took the longer route and stopped in area where the sunset is very noticeable in the background. Then we came back to my house, uploaded pictures, came back to my house then went to zodos. After an hour or so we went back to my house and looked at the pictures that we had taken. Are dances your thing? Leave your response in the comments below!


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