No Social Media

Whelp… I got my phone taken away this weekend. I had to survive without my precious phone for two days. Nah but it actually wasn’t that bad. I changed my habits in mexico when I didn’t have signal to use my phone.. if that makes any sense. I ended up doing for family events with, of course, my family. So I got it taken away because I had 4 missing assignments in total for all of my classes so that is why.

Lets start off with the beginning of my week. Practice outside in the quad area by the cafe. My flyer was gone two of the days because she was sick so we had to resort to another flyer that we normally don’t fly. So we were going to to a twist cradle. I was basing this and when she twisted to get down she jammed her elbow into my face and my nose started bleeding. It was actually really funny. after that incident I sat out for a bit then spotted the other stunt groups. The next day I had my actual flyer and it was a bit difficult to get the stunts down because she was still a bit sick so when we were in the process, she accidentally kicked my nose and this time it snapped but didn’t bleed. I had to sit out for a little bit once again. I ain’t no baby so once I was ready, I sucked it up and continued.

I got my phone taken away on Friday but I got it back the next day for a limited amount of time. That was only because I have to take my little brother to soccer practice at the elementary school across from my house. 

Later on I went to my brother’s baseball game and took a few pictures. They didn’t turn out too well because the fence was in the way. On Sunday I had my phone for a few hours because I went on a run. Overall I didn’t mind not having my phone for the majority of the time. It was nice just to have some family time.


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