School Events


This week was pretty eventful. We had a pep rally, I took pictures with friends and we had a group pictures for cheer.
 My friend and I have been planning a photoshoot for the longest time but have never followed through. We decided that after school on Thursday would be the best time for both of us. So at 12:45 we walked down the beach after school and took pictures on the way there. My friends Gigi and Aisha wanted to tag along so they came. All three of us went to habit for a bit and ate because we didn’t eat lunch. We finally make it down to the beach and Gigi took out her speaker and started to blast music which most likely annoyed the tourists but whatever. I started to do ma thang and take pictures of Lupe (the girl shown above). Aisha was basically the hair and makeup crew. After about an hour or so we walked back up state street so we can go get Starbucks. I got a very berry hibiscus refresher. Its my favorite, I get that every single time. Lupe met up with her boyfriend and left while I walked to the transit center with Aisha so we could go home. (Gigi walked to her house when we were by the beach)

On Friday we had a pep-rally and the theme was glow in the dark. This was one of the best pep-rallies in my opinion. We had to preform twice since the the school was divided because there would be too many kids. I would say that it was that bad, only a few stunts fell.

On Monday we had team pictures and it was nice seeing everyone all together again. Some of the girls left to go play another sport like lacrosse or soccer but they were here for pictures. The girls that joined only for the stunt season weren’t included in these pictures because these was only for the actual cheer team.


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