So this week I went to an event with one of my close friends, Brianna who is on the cheer team for our rivals, San Marcos. She does flamenco with Zermeno Dance Studio in Santa Barbara. They had a performance for those that were in the higher classes. I also went downtown with my friend Jillian. Then she came to my later house and we went on a bike-ride then had a mini photo-shoot in my neighborhood.

So a couple days prior Brianna texted me and asked me if I wanted to come to a dinner/performance with her dance studio. I initially said yes but then that day I backed out because I didn’t know I had practice. I thought that my practice would interfere. Once I was done with practice I called my parents to see if I could still go and they approved only if I finished all of my homework and missing assignments. I made sure that I had all of that done because I kind of want to live haha. Anyways I got picked up from the high school then went to my house so I could get ready. Brianna picked me up 45 minutes later. When we got to the restaurant we got a really good seats which was really close to the stage. It was at El Paseo which is downtown. The event wasn’t very crowded at first but after an hour more people started to show up. Most of the night I sat there eating chips, just daily things ya know?

So on Saturday I went downtown with my friend Jillian who was the junior varsity captain for cheer this year. We met up downtown at Nordrums and ate there for lunch. After a couple of hours window shopping and eating, we decided to cruise to my casa which is kind of far-ish. Its in Goleta which is the town over.

When we went home, Jillian and I relaxed then went straight to charging our phones. After half an hour later we got my camera ready, took out the bikes then we where on our way to our mini photoshoot. After 45 minutes we came back to the house and waited for her mom to pick her up. So that was my week!


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