First Game of the Season

This week was spring break and we had our first “cheer game” of the season for stunt. On Thursday I went to our school at 11 to practice before we went down to Paso Robles to play. Our team had two games that day. One at 5 against Paso Robles and then another at 6 against  Arroyo Grande. The game itself is kind of confusing. So we get the routines ahead of time. Their are six sets that consist of 3 different sections. The six sets are the different difficult levels, one being the easiest and 6 being the hardest. Section one are partner stunts, two are jumps and tumbling, three are pyramids. We have four quarters. The first quarter are partner stunts, second are jumps and tumbling, third are pyramids, and lastly, fourth is all of them combined. We get points by whoever does the routine the best and closest to the routine that was given to us.

The bus ride there was long but it felt short. Both of my friends, Gigi and Aisha brought there speakers so we could play music on the bus. I was playing the music and half way through the bus ride one of the speakers had died but we were chillin’ with the second speaker. I tried connecting the second one and I thought my life was over, I was triggered because it didn’t want to connect nor turn on. Anyways, Aisha shared her earbuds with me and then I was fine.

Once we got to the high school we sat for a couple of minutes then warmed up for fifteen minutes. After that the game started and we played against them (Paso Robles High School) for an hour. We lost against them. Then we had another game so we warmed up/rested for the next game which was against Arroyo Grande High School. I honestly thought that we had a zero chance of winning after losing the first one. There was a plot-twist though, we actually won! This next Thursday we play against both of these teams again and hopefully we are able redeem ourselves and crush them.


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