The Big Game

Today’s the big game. We get to play against our rivals, San Marcos. We wore our jerseys to school along with jeans. Our team has practice at 4. We are going to be setting up the event (which starts at six) and obviously… practicing. The is only a scrimmage so its not going to count for anything. So far this season we have lost three and won two.

So yesterday we had our game against San Marcos and we won fifteen to six. Here’s the rundown of my day:

  1. I came to school at 8am and it ended 2pm
  2. I walked down to Starbucks with a few of my friends
  3. I walked back to the high school
  4. Did my homework
  5. Changed into uniform
  6. Set up mats at four
  7. Play at six

The game went by fairly quickly. Originally they told us that we were going to be showing them all of the routines like a showcase but we didn’t. We played it like it we would at a normal game. San Marcos had all of the first routine and some of the second and third. We had all five and some of six. I felt kind of bad since we were getting all of the points but then again I didn’t because that still proves that our school is still on top


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