Last Game

My week mainly consisted of going to the gym and cheer practice. This upcoming Thursday we are playing against Paso Robles. We have lost every game to them go we’ve been working extra hard to beat them. Hopefully we do but I honestly don’t think that we stand a chance because the last time we played against them it was fifteen to five. We also play against Nipomo the same day. Our team has never played against them. Honestly we don’t know what to expect. As on now I am still in the first routine. We  have cheer tryouts the 15-19 (Its also like a clinic so we learn the routines for the actual tryout).

So yesterday we played against Paso Robles and we were at Nipomo High School. We were supposed to play against Nipomo high but we ended up not playing against them because they backed out. Apparently they didn’t have enough players.

I thought that the game against Paso Robles went wayyyyyyy better than the last game. Last time we lost 15-5 and this time we lost 14-12. The first 2 quarters, we were ahead by multiple points but in the last two we fell behind by a couple. This is an undefeated team so I don’t blame us for not winning. We did do our best since it was our last game. Everyone was encouraging each other and having a great time. The game that we were supposed to play against Nipomo was going to be replaced by Paso Robles. Our team decided to for-fit and then we were on our way home. I went on the bus ride up with the cheer squad but came back home with my parents because 1) it would be easier for them and 2) there was no point in going on the bus because one of my best friends wasn’t there. She had her wisdom teeth taken out the day before.

Next week will be filled with conditioning, exercise and very, very, veryyyy, hot weather.


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