The fair

This weekend I went to the fair with friends and family.  The week mainly consisted of practice and going to the gym.

On practice days I normally conditions with the team because we don’t have to actually practice for anything since the seasons over. We now practice from 3-4 instead 3-5:30. Tryouts are from the 15-19 of May. I’m highkey scared becuase I’ve been on Junior Varsity for two years in a row. If I don’t make it on Varsity then I will most likely quit since I’m already don with all of my credits. They are also having a separate tryout for the stunt team and I will probably not tryout for that one either because I didn’t really like it this year.

Anyways on Saturday I woke up and got ready to go to the gym.  After that I went home and got ready to go to the fair. I then went to the fair and met up with one of my friends because she wanted me to since she was going to be there early due to her parents and siblings. Nobody that we knew was really there because it was pretty early (around one pm). I honestly didn’t mind because I was able to go on all of the rides before everyone got there. After a few hours I went over to her house to eat because fair food is hella expensive. She also live really close so we were able to walk there. We were there for a few hours then we went back. This time we saw multiple people that we knew which is a plus butttttt the lines were wayyyy longer as well.  My parents were now there. They left around ten at night because they were going to get food. They were supposed to pick up my friend and I to sleepover my house but they got kinda lazy (I don’t blame them lol) but they wanted be to go spend the night at my friends house. So that’s what I did.

The next morning I woke up (obviously) and went straight to the gym when I got picked up.


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