Pcm vs. SBE cheer

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my old cheer team since a new one is rising and tryouts are next week. I’m currently crossing my fingers, hoping that I can make it on varsity but anyways…

I used to be on a competitive cheer team called Santa Barbara Elite. I was on this team for four years until it was sold to a different cheer company my freshman year of high school. It was called PCM which stands for Pacific Coast Magic. We all knew that place would never last. I honestly glad that I left because nobody got their money back.

Sometimes I regret leaving. My mom’s relationships with their friends while mine did as well. It left my mom and I the outsiders of the friend group because we couldn’t relate or understand anything that they were talking about cheer wise and that’s usually the only thing that they talked about. The “cheer drama” is basically what revolved their lives.

Santa Barbara Elite created friendships while Pacific Coast Magic ruined them. Nobody had fun while on the other team, that’s partially why it went down in flames. 

Wheres everyone now you say??? Well here’s what happened after the gang split up. Some joined PCM but others left and did something else. Once PCM was over and done with, some girls did high school cheer (like me), did dance, or nothing at all. My old coach from last year who I absolutely love started another cheer team called crush and tryouts are tonight. I’m not going to do it because I have school and the mad academy so I want to focus on that. It also cost sooo much. Its five thousand dollars for the whole season. I also think that I should be focusing on school.


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