So tryouts are this week. I wasn’t really nervous the first two days but it started kicking in on the third day. I kind of realized that this could be my last year. I decided that I was going to do varsity or nothing. It’s already embarrassing enough that I stayed on Junior Varsity a second year let alone three. So on the first day of tryouts I put down “v” for varsity.

Last year I was too cocky and I didn’t really try much because I thought I had it in the bag. This year I’m actually trying super hard. If I don’t make it I’ll be devastated. That’s six years of cheerleading down the drain but there is nothing that I can really do about it. I’m most likely not going to tryout my senior year which is a shame.

I think that I’m doing pretty well so far. I was able to memorize the cheers and the dance, now its the matter of being able to execute it well. I also found out that incoming seniors and Juniors can only tryout out for varsity so that lessens my chance of being on any team at all. So I need to work extra hard but I just wished that I had more coordination.

This has been stressing me out all week. I’ve been taking it out on family and friends and I feel so bad.

So its Friday, the day of tryouts, exactly two hours before my tryout and I’m so scared. It doesn’t help that my coach came up to me and said that I should consider being on Junior Varsity again which is so messed up. She has the final say so just by that, I already know that I’m not going to be on the team.

When we show up to tryouts we are supposed to be in black shorts, white shirt and cheer shoes with our hair slicked back into a pony tail (imma look like a garbanzo bean).

If I don’t make it I’m going to see if I can play soccer because I need to play a sport. If not I’ll try play basketball.

That’s all that I have for you this week, I’ll tell you the final results then.


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