The End

Wellllll the results came in late on Friday night. I didn’t make the team…. at all.

I knew that I messed up badly on one of the cheers. I felt really confident in the other ones though. I did crowd encouragements and I feel like that saved me a bit. I was loud but not as loud as I could’ve been. My tumbling was on point doe (lmao cringe) but my jumps were so bad. We all had to do a toe touch and mine aren’t good AT ALL but I did try. They gave us an opportunity to do whatever jump that we wanted to do and I was planning to do a right hurdler but freaked out at did a hurkey but what was done, has been done.

I quickly followed our Cheer instagram as soon as I got home and put on their notification so I would know when they post their picture showing us who is on what team. My cousin Marissa came over later too since our parents went to go to a family party. Around 9:30 I got the notification and I quickly pressed it. I immediately  went down the varsity list and became disappointed but to my surprise I was fine. Marissa Made it onto varsity once again, Aisha dropped down to Junior varsity while Gigi stayed on Junior Varisty. Since I only put down Varsity, that was the only team that I was considered for so I didn’t make it onto JV.

On Monday, in fifth period I got a note saying that my coach wanted to see me. I thought that I was going to be in trouble for some reason but it turns out that I wasn’t. My coach wanted me to be on JV. I honestly didn’t want to do it but then again I did because she made some valid statements but I think that was only to get me back onto the team.

Why I wanted to go back on the team:

  1.  To hopefully prove myself and go onto varsity
  2. Cheer with my friends

Why I don’t want to go:

  1. Would be my third year on Junior Varsity which is ridiculous
  2. I don’t get along with some on the girls that made it onto the team.
  3. cheer drama

These are my reasons why and next week you’ll find out whether or not I took the opportunity.


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