First Game of the Season

This week was spring break and we had our first “cheer game” of the season for stunt. On Thursday I went to our school at 11 to practice before we went down to Paso Robles to play. Our team had two games that day. One at 5 against Paso Robles and then another at 6 […]

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So this week I went to an event with one of my close friends, Brianna who is on the cheer team for our rivals, San Marcos. She does flamenco with Zermeno Dance Studio in Santa Barbara. They had a performance for those that were in the higher classes. I also went downtown with my friend […]

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School Events

  This week was pretty eventful. We had a pep rally, I took pictures with friends and we had a group pictures for cheer.  My friend and I have been planning a photoshoot for the longest time but have never followed through. We decided that after school on Thursday would be the best time for […]

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No Social Media

Whelp… I got my phone taken away this weekend. I had to survive without my precious phone for two days. Nah but it actually wasn’t that bad. I changed my habits in mexico when I didn’t have signal to use my phone.. if that makes any sense. I ended up doing for family events with, […]

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Photoshoot w/ Friends

Winter formal Weekend. Saturday, February 25, 2017 was the big night. I didn’t really want to go but my friends wanted me to go so they can. I ended up going with my friends  Aisha and Brianna. They both arrived at my house around 12 and got ready. It took us around 2 1/2 hours […]

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The Chop

This week I decided to make the big chop and cut my hair. I cut around 4-5 inches. I like to be adventurous at times but I suck with my comfort zone this time. Would you ever dye your hair a crazy color? Leave a comment down below what color you would choose! I’ve died […]

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Broken Fingers

  Hey guys, Wednesday January 8th was my first stunt practice. What stunt team basically is that were compete at competitions against other high school cheer teams which consists of 3 teams except we have 4. Tumbling, partner stunts, and pyramids. Tumbling has girls do flips such as back handsprings and jumps (for example: toe touches/ […]

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